If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, calling a national bail bond service company might seem like the best choice. After all, these are often the names you see on billboards and TV commercials, so you might think they provide better service. However, there are some great reasons to call a local bail bondsman instead. 

The Advantages of Working With A Local Bail Bond Service

1. Immediate Service

When you call a national number, that company will then have to connect with a local bail bond agency. You’ll then have to communicate your needs directly with the bondsman before they can post bail for your family member. This process can leave your loved one sitting in jail much longer than necessary.

Calling a bail bondsman essentially cuts out the middleman and ensures you get the fastest service possible. You’ll get an agent who works in the same city and will be there promptly, even in the middle of the night.

2. Experience With Local Law Enforcement

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When someone you care about has been arrested, finding out where they are and who you need to talk to can be overwhelming. Experienced local bail bondsmen will have worked with every law enforcement in your area, giving them insight into each jail’s procedures and preferences.

When you call a national chain, by contrast, you may get a bond agent who primarily services another city entirely. They may not have a relationship with any local law enforcement agency in your area, which can cause stressful, avoidable delays. 

3. Personal Service

After they secure your friend and family's release, a national bail agency may not get in touch again unless the defendant misses a court date. Local agencies, on the other hand, take a personal interest in each of their clients. Your bail bond services provider may reach out with updates on upcoming hearings, and may even offer defendants a ride to the courthouse. If you miss a hearing, they'll also advocate on your behalf to keep you out of jail.


If you or someone you care about has been arrested, trust 3-D Bail Bonds to get them back home as quickly as possible. We’ve been providing reliable bail bond services to defendants throughout the state with bail bonds for over 23 years, with a reputation built on friendly customer service and 24-hour availability. Visit our website to learn the steps of posting bail or follow our Hartford bail bonds Facebook for helpful tips, and call (860) 247-2245 to reach our main office in Hartford.  You are welcome to visit our 3-D Bail Bonds office in person. We are located at 57 Fishfry Hartford CT 06120, directly across from the Hartford Correctional center. To speak with a bail bondsman in New Britain, call (860) 229-2525 or visit our New Britain Facebook page. Dial (203) 562-6666 for help posting bail in the New Haven and Hamden areas, and visit our Facebook page for more information.