Nothing is more stressful than learning a loved one is in custody. If the arrest was unjust, it’s natural to be frustrated with the system, and you’ll probably want to get your family member out as soon as possible. Even if their actions warranted an arrest, though, it’s still wise to post bail immediately. While you have every right to be mad, considering the big picture can put things in perspective. Here’s how posting bail will help.

Demonstrate Love & Support

People who end up in legal trouble—regardless of whether it’s justified—need their family’s support more than anything. It might be tempting to let your relative spend a few days in custody to teach him or her a lesson, but posting bail as soon as possible could provide the most valuable lesson of all. Taking the steps to facilitate release right away will remind your loved one just how much you care. And for those who have started down the wrong path, such a reminder can be enough to make them turn around.

It’s especially important to act fast if your relative is arrested on a weekend or holiday. People who end up in custody when court is not in session must spend significantly more time behind bars if they are not bailed out right away. In other words, they might have to spend days or even weeks in an unfamiliar—and uncomfortable—cell without access to clean clothes, hot meals, or companionship. 

Ensure Adequate Legal Counsel 

bailCriminal suspects might have the right to an attorney, but getting counsel while behind bars is challenging. Those in custody have limited access to the tools they need to find and then contact a reputable firm in the area. If you bail out your relative as soon as possible, though, they will be able to secure legal counsel right away. This, in turn, could affect the outcome of the proceedings. Depending on the circumstances, the sooner a suspect hires a lawyer, the stronger the defense may be. 


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