Learning a loved one has been arrested is one of the most stressful scenarios anyone can face. It’s only natural to panic in such a situation, but if you keep your cool and call a bail bondsman, your family member could be released relatively quickly. Here are some of the biggest reasons to work with a seasoned professional should someone close to you end up behind bars. 

Why You Should Call a Bail Bondsman Following a Family Member’s Arrest

1. To Keep Your Savings Intact

Even if you have enough in savings to cover the total bail amount, doing so may not necessarily be a sound financial move. Your family will not get the money back until the case has been resolved, which could leave you without a financial safety net for many months. That means if an emergency were to arise during that time, you’d have to go into debt to cover it.  Please note the court can take cash from that bail money to cover court expenses, fines and fees.

2. To Facilitate the Releasebail bondsman

A bondsman will help you navigate every stage of the bail proceedings. For example, the agent will complete all the necessary paperwork and then file it with the court or the local Connecticut jail on your behalf so your family member is released as quickly as possible. An experienced professional can also refer you to a reputable criminal defense attorney so the case gets off to a strong start. 

3. To Protect Your Family’s Privacy 

If you cover the total bail amount yourself, the court may want to know how you were able to obtain such a large sum of money so quickly. The judge might ask for pay stubs, bank account statements, and tax returns, which will inevitably feel like an invasion of privacy. Your family is going through enough as it is; you should not have to dig up various documents to defend your financial security on top of everything else. 


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