COVID-19 poses a risk for everyone, but especially for inmates of correctional facilities who live in close quarters. Like many other states, Connecticut is taking steps to protect people living in prisons throughout the state by moving inmates and releasing some of them. However, it only takes a moment to contract the virus, which is why it’s more important than ever to post bail bonds as soon as someone has been arrested.

How Connecticut Is Protecting Those in Prison

Testing Staff & Inmates

bail bondsAs of April 27th, 382 Connecticut inmates have tested positive for COVID-19, according to The Department of Correction. 310 staff members have also caught the virus, and the state plans to continue testing as needed.

To slow the spread, they’ve distributed masks to over 5,000 staff members and every inmate of a state correctional facility.

Moving Infected Patients

Isolation is key to preventing the spread of the virus, so the state has decided to move infected inmates to one of four different facilities. Most will go to Northern Correctional Institution, which offers ventilation systems that don’t recirculate air through the building.

Young offenders, however, will be sent to Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire, while women will be held at York Correctional Institution. Inmates with mental health conditions will be quarantined at Garner Constitutional Institution.

Releasing Inmates

The state is also moving to release qualified inmates who are at higher risk of developing COVID-19. For now, they’re reviewing the cases of people over the age of 50 or who have underlying medical conditions. So far, they’ve given nearly 800 inmates an early release for their own safety.

If a loved one is held on bail, paying bail is crucial for securing their release from prison. Bail agencies are still open and ready to help you and your loved one. For those with limited access to cash, some agencies are offering more ways to pay—even through online and app-based platforms like Venmo. 

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