As a local member of the Hartford community and proud of being part of the North Meadows neighborhood local businesses hub in Hartford, 3-D Bail Bonds has continued to serve Connecticut residents since day one of this pandemic. While it’s true “Hartford bail bonds” or “local bail bonds” is what we do, that’s not all we do.

3-D Bail Bonds talented team of experts are locals to the community they serve

They continue the hard work to keep you informed and up to date with everything related to a loved one being incarcerated, headed to prison, or recently arrested and being held on a bail bond.

Our Hartford local updates include prison visitation, criminal courts, police operations, and local COVID-19 news as they happen.

The company’s mission is to keep parents, friends, and loved ones aware of the changes in the Judicial System and corrections departments so you can prepare and perhaps use this information and help someone today. Courtesy reminders the day prior scheduled court dates and free 24-hour private consultations continue during these trying times.

A contactless bail bonds process is the latest release for all Hartford bail bond needs. You can still meet your bondsman at the office if you prefer however if you feel safer processing bail remotely, we can make that possible with our “COVID Safe bonds process”.

To find the closest bail bonds in Hartford, visit us at 57 Fishfry St across the street from the local jail. Our 24 Hour bail bondsmen are available within minutes. Lowest fees guaranteed and payment plans with 0% interest for up to 15 months. Learn more about our service by visiting our website and like us on Facebook.