If you are giving birth soon or recently have, you're likely eager to get back to a regular routine. For many women, this means incorporating regular trips to the gym back into their lives. But what does a postpartum exercise regimen entail, and what are the parameters of workouts? To help with the transition, consult the guide below.

How Soon After Birth Can You Go Back to the Gym?

Women who had a healthy, risk-free pregnancy and gave vaginal birth can start going back to the gym as early as a few days after delivery. If this feels too soon, though, allow yourself to recover your strength before going back. 

Women who had cesarean deliveries may need to wait slightly longer. The exact time frame varies, so consult a doctor. The same is true for those who had complications during pregnancy or birth, including severe vaginal tears, damage to the pelvic floor, and diastasis recti


What Are Some Beneficial Exercises?

Because the pelvic floor muscles were stretched during pregnancy and again if you gave birth vaginally, focus on this part of the body in the first few days. Perform moves that work your core, such as pelvic tilts and ab curls.

Walking on a treadmill is another way to ease back into a routine. Slowly develop your strength by taking a five-minute walk and gradually increasing your pace and time. Avoid higher-impact exercises, including jogging and some cardio programs, until your six-week postnatal check. Women who had C-sections should avoid exercises that put pressure on the surgery site, including crunches, sit-ups, and abdominal curls. 


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