Peeling paint and worn flooring are usually obvious, but major structural problems may not always be easy to spot. Cracked foundations, split floor joists, and pest infestations may only be subtle signs that the casual observer might miss. The following guide highlights a few indications that your house needs structural repairs.

How Do You Know if a Home Has Structural Issues?

1. Mud Tubes Around the Foundation

Subterranean termites can eat away at the home's foundation and wooden frame and can even ruin your personal possessions. To reach the wood in your house, they’ll build tubes of mud along the foundation. However, these tubes aren't usually longer than a quarter of an inch, so they’re often overlooked. Fortunately, calling an exterminator as soon as you see mud tubes outside your home can prevent serious structural damage later.

2. Foundation or Wall Cracks

structural repairs

Some parts of the foundation may sink into the soil as it settles, or the basement walls might begin to fall sideways. In addition, the uneven pressure often causes cracks in the foundation, along exterior brick walls, or fractures around the chimney. Cracks branching out from the corners of doorways and windows are also sure signs of foundation problems. To keep you and your family safe, contact a remodeling contractor immediately for assistance. 

3. Porch Pulling Away

It may look like the porch is falling away from your house, but it’s likely the opposite is true. As the foundation sinks into the soil, the house will lean away from the porch, which typically has its own footing. Building frames are designed to transfer weight from the roof to the floor, so too much settling and shifting can make the entire home structurally unstable. In this case, you may need foundation repairs.

4. Lights Flickering

A single flickering light might be caused by a failing bulb or too many appliances on the same circuit. However, if it continues to flicker even after you change the bulb, you may be dealing with a serious structural problem. For example, if a foundation has been shifting for several years, wires in the electrical meter may have been disturbed. Fortunately, a remodeling contractor can provide an inspection to determine if structural issues are to blame. 


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