Water damage restoration services often bring to mind images of weather-related flooding, failing sump pumps, burst pipes, and malfunctioning washing machines. Yet other household appliances, such as the air conditioner, can also inflict water damage that increases the risk of wood rot and mold growth. The following guide will help you in your maintenance efforts by highlighting how your a/c system can cause water problems. 

How Can My A/C Unit Cause Water Damage? 

Reasons for Damage

water damage restoration

Numerous a/c components increase the risk of water damage if they become clogged or break. A clogged air filter decreases the amount of air moving over the system’s evaporator coils, which contain refrigerant that absorbs heat from indoor air. Restricted air causes the refrigerant to freeze and then melt when the system is off, creating leaks that damage walls, floors, or ceilings, depending on where the system is located. 

An air conditioning system also heightens water problems if the drain pan sustains damage or the drain line isn’t connected correctly. The drain pan provides space for a/c condensation to accumulate, but it can become cracked or rusted from age-related wear. A corroded drain pan allows water to leak and causes damage, such as warped wooden floorboards. 

The drain line disperses condensation from inside air outside to keep interior air dry. If it isn’t connected properly, comes loose over time, or is clogged with mold or algae, it will leak, allowing water to pool in your home. 

What You Can Do

Prevent water damage from your air conditioning system by cleaning the air filter about once a month or more if you have numerous pets at home. Replace the filter per the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure air flows freely throughout the system, including over the evaporator coils. 

Inspect your home regularly for signs of moisture damage, such as obvious appliance leaks, stained walls, and warped or damp flooring so that you can schedule timely water damage restoration services. It also helps to schedule annual HVAC inspections before turning the a/c system on for the season to identify any broken or missing parts that can cause water damage and efficiency issues.


If you suspect severe a/c-related moisture damage and mold growth, contact Apex Certified Restoration. The company provides water damage restoration services, including mold remediation and sanitization services, to residents throughout the Greater Saint Louis Area of Missouri. Call the licensed and insured business at (314) 614-4822 to schedule an evaluation, or visit them online for more information.