Rats can carry a number of different diseases and parasites, but they can also cause extensive damage to your home. For these reasons, pest control should be a priority at the first sign of an infestation. Below, learn about some of the more common ways rats can damage your home and the telltale signs to look out for.

What Areas Can Rats Damage?

1. Walls

All rats are voracious chewers. They will sink their teeth into anything they see as useful for nest building or as a food source. This includes walls of all types: brick, concrete, drywall, sheetrock, and even some types of metal. You will typically see holes or gaps they've eaten through and small piles of shredded materials; it's also not uncommon to hear rats as they scurry around behind walls.

2. Attics

Attics are a favorite spot for most rat species, especially roof rats, which are smaller and more agile climbers. They most often get in through existing holes; a roof rat can squeeze through an opening as small as a half-inch. In addition to attic walls, these pests will chew through insulation and any items you have stored in your attic, especially cardboard boxes. If you see gnawing damage in the attic or scratch marks along the roof or eaves of your home, contact a pest control professional.

Pest Control

3. Electrical Systems

Rats have no hesitation about chewing on electrical wires. This includes the wiring in the walls of your home, as well as the wiring inside electrical appliances. Look for bite marks on wires and cables, flickering lights, or frequently tripping circuits. If pest control measures aren't taken, rats will continue to gnaw on wiring, which can increase the risk of short circuits and fires.

4. Cupboards & Pantries

Rats are not picky eaters. They will seek out food wherever they can find it. Since most foods in cupboards and pantries are wrapped in paper or plastic packaging, the rat will have two foods to enjoy: the food itself and the wrapping. If you see droppings in or around your cupboards, visibly damaged food packaging, or leftover food scraps, rats are likely the source of the damage.


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