If you’ve ever heard banging sounds after turning off a faucet, water hammer may be the culprit. While this phenomenon is not uncommon, it could indicate a serious issue with your plumbing. Learn more about this topic in the following guide so you can discuss the problem with your plumber.  

What Is Water Hammer?

Water hammer occurs when the water in your home’s pipes suddenly changes direction. Typically, this is due to a water pressure setting that’s too high. When you turn off a fixture, a valve closes off the pipe. Since the flow has nowhere to go, the water slams into the gate, causing the pipes to vibrate and produce a loud clang. While the noise is annoying, the shaking can also loosen the plumbing. Unsecured pipes are even more susceptible to water hammer and can lead to leaks, making repairs crucial.

How Is It Fixed? 


Homeowners should confirm their water pressure gauge is set to no higher than 80 psi. Get a water pressure test gauge from a home improvement store, attach it to an outdoor water faucet, and turn the knob on. 

Note that to get an accurate read, you must complete a few steps. The red hand on a gauge indicates high pressure, and it should be set to zero. Ensure any water-using appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, are turned off. You also need to verify that the water heater is not in its reheat cycle because hot water expands, which can affect the pressure reading. 

If the reading is outside the normal range, a plumber can install a water pressure regulator to remedy the issue. Another solution is a water hammer arrestor. Instead of allowing the reverberations of the phenomenon to rattle the pipes, the arrestor absorbs the movement. Not only will this take care of the noise, but it will also protect your pipes from shaking loose. A plumber can install this gadget and retighten the joints of your plumbing system, as well.


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