Fixing air leaks throughout the house will increase the efficiency of your home. That's because HVAC equipment has to work harder to cancel out air that seeps inside through the roofing and other parts of the property facade. To save energy and cut down on associated costs, here are three home improvement projects to complete. 

3 Solutions to Make Your Home More Efficient 

1. Upgrade Windows

You might notice hot spots or cold drafts near old windows as air passes through the rusted metal or warped wooden frame. Single pane models only feature one layer of glass, which might not prevent heat or conditioned air from escaping. 

Upgrading to Energy Star®-certified fixtures helps homeowners lower utility bills by 12% on average each year. These models feature double or triple panes of glass, with argon gas between the layers. The gas and additional layers curb heat transfer to keep home interiors insulated. 

2. Switch to a Cool Roof


If the roofing system needs major repairs, consider replacing the membrane instead. Roofing contractors can install cool shingles, which have solar reflective granules to prevent the sun's rays from penetrating the material. Tiles and metal panels are also popular roofing materials with reflective properties. If your current investment is in good condition, a roofer can add a few coats of reflective paint to keep the surface cool. 

3. Fix or Replace Siding

Heavy winds can cause siding panels to pull away from the house, which creates pockets for outside air to enter. Exposure to moisture and fluctuating temperatures can cause the panels to expand, contract, and shift out of place. 

Loose panels can be nailed down to restore their ability to insulate your home. You could also upgrade to stucco, metal, or vinyl siding, as these materials will help keep cold air or heat inside where it belongs.


For professional assistance with any of the above projects, contact On Point Roofing in Hastings, NE. The fully insured crew members will provide upgrades and repairs to make your home more comfortable while draining less energy in the process. From installing new windows to replacing the siding, you can trust the team to complete the job efficiently and reliably. View their services online and call (402) 984-2020 for an estimate.