In life, you'll face some curveballs, which can make planning for the future difficult, but important. If your spouse or family depends on your income, life insurance helps you protect them from financial challenges in case something happens to you. Use this guide to learn how life insurance can help your family. 

Why Should I Get Life Insurance?

1. Pays Debt

When someone dies, they typically leave behind some debts. Student loans, hospital bills, credit card debt, mortgage, and car loans are just some of the standard bills that could get passed along to your loved ones if you were to pass away. Having a life insurance plan protects your spouse and children from having to take on what you owe. Instead, they can use the money to pay off any remaining debts so they don't have to sell the house, car, or other possessions.

2. Covers College or Long-Term Care Expenses

life insurance

When you have one or more kids who plan to go to college, you want to make sure their future is secure no matter what might happen to you. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you can designate part of the payout to go toward their college education. 

If you're married and getting older, you can also indicate that the payout go toward your spouse's future care. It can pay for them to move to an assisted living facility or to cover their future healthcare expenses so that they can support themselves after you're gone.

3. Maintains Standard of Living

If you are the sole or main provider in your household, your spouse and children have likely come to depend on your income to maintain their lifestyle. If something happens to you, life insurance ensures that they won't have to suddenly change their way of living. With the right policy, they will receive funds to remain in the same home, afford the normal daily purchases, and have enough time to figure out how to make up the loss of income.


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