Some seniors find aging difficult because they worry their freedom will be taken away from them, and this can be critical for their mental health. For this reason, assisted living facilities have been a popular choice for seniors since they provide basic care while allowing seniors to remain independent. The following guide highlights some of the mental health benefits your loved one will enjoy with this type of care.

How Assisted Living Can Improve Mental Health

1. Control

Seniors may feel less in control of their lives as they require more support. When too many decisions are made on their behalf, whether it's health care, travel, or maintaining their house, they can feel as if they don't have a say in anything. Assisted living facilities provide just that: assistance. They allow seniors to maintain a level of control, stepping in to help only when requested or when they feel necessary while still allowing senior adults to drive decisions and conversations regarding all aspects of their lives. 

assisted living

2. Sense of Purpose

Feeling as though all their decisions have to be made for them can cause seniors to feel as though their lives no longer have meaning or that they've lost their sense of purpose. This may cause them to suffer from depression, and the negative impacts on their mental health can lead to harmful habits and a lower quality of life. In an assisted living home, they can still enjoy the activities and hobbies they've always loved, so they feel as though they're still managing their own lives and are active participants in society.

3. Peace of Mind

If a senior adult knows that they need help getting things done but is worried about how to get said assistance, they can develop feelings of anxiety, depression, or paranoia. When they live in an assisted living home, however, they will have full peace of mind knowing help is always available whenever they need it, allowing them to live without worry or fear.


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