The spring and summer seasons are the perfect time to get out on your patio. Whether you’re enjoying time reading alone or hosting a party for friends and family, the design of the area makes all the difference. Here are some tips to make this spot as aesthetically impressive and comfortable as possible.

A Guide to Creating a Stunning Patio 

1. Design with Movement in Mind

Just because this space is outdoors, doesn’t mean it will automatically be functional. Consider the size of the area before investing in furniture, grills, or other fixtures. Leave plenty of room for people to walk between chairs, tables, or couches. This will also allow for ample air movement to keep the space comfortable. 

2. Remember Shade

patioWhile an outdoor environment is refreshing, it can also get uncomfortable on days with heavy sun coverage. Consider investing in an awning to provide shade and keep things cool. If awnings aren’t an option, table umbrellas are also an effective choice.

3. Create Multiple Seating Areas

If the area is larger and allows for it, design multiple seating areas for added function. Multiple couches, tables, and benches are worth investing in. This will give family members several places to relax and enjoy the space without being on top of each other. It will also add extra seating and gathering space for parties.

4. Invest in Plants

Plants can fill out a space nicely while providing a splash of color. Invest in creations with flowers mixed in to add variety. Consider planting flowers around the perimeter of the patio, potted plants that sit on the ground, or hanging plants that catch your eye. Remember to prune and care for the plants to keep the space clean and flourishing.

5. Utilize Creative Lighting 

Lighting fixtures can come in many forms. Beyond freestanding lamps and mounted spotlights, consider rope lights to create a cozy feeling once night falls and provide even overhead lighting. Torches and freestanding fire pits also add to the authentic outdoor effect.


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