A patio adds outdoor living space to your home, serving as a comfortable spot for relaxing, entertaining, and dining. To get the most from the space, however, you need the right furniture. As you shop for new pieces to complete your outdoor sanctuary, keep the following tips in mind to ensure the pieces you buy meet your needs.

How to Shop for Patio & Deck Furniture

1. Consider the Function

How do you plan to use your patio space? Will you be entertaining friends and family, or are you envisioning a more romantic space where you can enjoy a cocktail in the evening? The function of the space will determine what you should buy. After all, if you just want to have a comfortable spot for enjoying a good book, you don’t necessarily need a large dining table. Instead, you can invest in cushioned recliners and side tables to hold a drink. If you do want to host barbecues and parties, consider a long table with plenty of seating opportunities. 

2. Test the Comfort 

If your patio chairs look stylish but aren’t comfortable, you won’t be as inclined to use the space. Before purchasing any furniture, test it for comfort. It’s not just cushioning you need to consider. Decorative elements on chairs, such as wrought iron cutouts, might be attractive, but can make sitting in them for any length of time uncomfortable or even painful. 

3. Choose Durable Pieces 

patioYour patio furniture is going to be exposed to the elements, so consider the durability of each piece before you purchase. The location of your space can also make a difference. Wicker furniture might look great on your deck under the shade of pine trees, but it may be a hassle to remove the sap from the trees. Choose pieces that will hold up to the weather and landscape, as well as your family’s lifestyle. Pieces made from teak and cedar will last for years with proper care, and outdoor fabrics designed to resist fading and moisture damage are reliable choices. 

4. Measure Your Space

It’s easy to get carried away when looking at outdoor furniture displayed in elaborate groupings, but before you purchase your new set, measure your space and the new furniture to ensure everything will fit comfortably. Be sure to account for space to move around, as well as to safely open doors and use the grill or cooktop. If you plan to store the furniture when it’s not in use, make sure it will fit in your shed or garage, as well. 


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