A deck or patio adds outdoor living space to your home for dining, entertaining, or just hanging out. However, unless it’s well lit, it’s only usable until the sun goes down. The right lighting design can help define the space, create a mood, and ensure it’s safe and secure for your family and your guests. Below, learn about different lighting options for your patio. 

How to Design Your Patio Lighting 

1. Incorporate Different Types of Lighting

Indoors or out, great lighting design incorporates three types of lighting, ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting illuminates the entire space. For example, post and wall-mounted lights can be used for the primary lights. Task lighting is focused on a specific area, such as walkways and entries or an outdoor kitchen. This lighting is often brighter, especially when combined with the ambient light. Finally, accent lighting adds interest to the space. This could be a cute lamp or a string of lights. By combining all of these types of lighting, and adjusting them as needed, you can create different moods for your patio.

2. Create a Plan

patioEffective outdoor lighting means planning, and not just adding lights wherever you have space, or can reach the outlet. A reliable rule of thumb to ensure adequate light is to multiply the square footage of the space by 1.5. The resulting number is how many total watts of light you’ll need for a well-lit space. A 200 square foot patio, for example, needs 250 total watts of light. This can be achieved by a combination of lights. Once you know how much lighting you’ll need, create a template for the design on paper to be sure your ideas will work, and that you have an adequate power supply where you need it. 

3. Choose Energy-Efficient Options

Selecting outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to withstand the elements is a must, but choosing energy-efficient options is also a priority when you want to keep bills manageable. LED lights are the most energy-efficient option, and are available in a wide range of fixtures and brightness options. Incorporating solar-powered lighting is also an option. It’s ideal for lighting paths or accent lighting. In areas that aren’t regularly used, motion-sensing lighting is a smart option to ensure lighting when you need it, without using excess power. 


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