A luxurious patio provides the ultimate escape for you and your family. If you don’t use the space in your backyard, consider upgrading the area with a few features to increase its functionality. The following projects can transform your patio into a relaxing oasis.

What Features Should You Add to Your Patio?

1. Recessed Lights

If you install light fixtures above the patio, you’ll be able to lounge outside, no matter where the sun might be in the sky. You could go out as soon as you wake up and sip your coffee while basking in the sounds of nature.

You could also host parties that extend well into the evening without worrying about poor visibility after dark. The right fixtures will improve safety and create a cozy atmosphere.

2. Heating Elements 

patioBy installing heaters strategically around the patio, you’ll maximize its seasonal functionality. Outdoor heating appliances are incredibly powerful and can increase the ambient temperature considerably.

Your family can relax on the patio on even the coldest of days with overhead space heaters. Fireplaces can also produce a lot of warmth, but you may need to build more than one if the space is fairly large. 

3. Overhead Fans 

In Northern California, it can get uncomfortably hot during the summer. By installing overhead fans on your patio, you won’t feel like you’re stuck inside during the warmer months.

Efficient fans will produce a cool breeze that sweeps through the entire area. It’s especially advisable to include fans if your final design includes a fireplace or cooking space. Any wafting smoke will be blown away, and you’ll enjoy the fresh air.


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