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About Think Trauma Kits

In life-and-death situations, each second counts. With the right equipment readily available, you could save someone’s life. Think Trauma Kits provides defibrillators, first aid kits, and emergency medical supplies made exactly for these moments. Based in Los Angeles, CA, they carry trauma kits that can be used by anyone, regardless of medical experience.

This organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves U.S. veterans and pediatric cancer survivors. The trauma kits they offer are made by veteran-owned companies, including Tramedic® Response Systems, Tactical Medical Solutions®, North American Rescue®, and Phokus® Research Group. All of their proceeds support rehabilitation therapy for children facing the effects of cancer and brain tumors. 

From bleeding control kits to emergency defibrillators, Think Trauma Kits offers a wide range of lifesaving equipment (and, during this time, FDA/WHO-approved supplies to fight COVID-19). Their products are designed to enable anyone to provide essential support until emergency responders arrive at the scene. They believe that everyone has the ability to help in these situations, and their kits include intuitive tools and easy-to-follow instructions.

The best way to be prepared for an emergency is to train for it in advance. Along with trauma kits, this organization provides training supplies to help people learn what to do in a wide variety of situations. Their practice equipment includes hemorrhage training kits, tourniquets, training gauze, simulated clear blood, and more. With these tools, anyone can learn the best techniques for administering aid at a moment’s notice.

Be prepared for anything with products from Think Trauma Kits. Along with supporting veterans and pediatric cancer survivors, you’ll be equipping yourself and those around you to potentially save lives. Visit this organization online to place an order or call them at (888) 385-7057 to customize your trauma kit.


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