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1624 S Church St, Burlington, NC 27215

About #All4U Integrative Chiropractic

Have you recently been injured in a car accident or as a result of a work-related incident? If you’re dealing with an injury or chronic pain, surgery and pain medication aren’t your only options. Board-certified chiropractor Dr. Amanda Wright at #All4U Integrative Chiropractic in Burlington, NC, will assess your symptoms and create a custom treatment plan that’s uniquely yours. This chiropractic care clinic strives to create a comfortable environment where you can put your trust in medical professionals with your best interests in mind. 

From neck and back pain to chronic headaches and misaligned hips, this chiropractic care clinic has experience dealing with every type of pain, and they’ll use their knowledge to get you feeling better in no time. Dr. Wright will use chiropractic adjustments and other non-invasive methods to treat current symptoms, with the ultimate goal of eliminating or reducing the possibility of the pain recurring.

Whether you’ve been in an auto accident or are just uncomfortable performing daily activities, Dr. Wright at #All4U Integrative Chiropractic will provide you with affordable and compassionate assistance. Call this chiropractic care clinic at (336) 570-2447 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information. 


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"Great treatment, easy to schedule, easy to communicate and gets you out of pain... Have been to too many and Amanda is the best..."... more
- A ml [Google My Business, April 12, 2021]
"This is the best place!! Such a good environment and a great doctor I recommend to any one and all kids !! You will definitely feel better"... more
- luxyee2004 Samantha [Google My Business, April 7, 2021]
"Amanda has helped me manage the pain from a left knee injury and a right ankle injury. I could barely walk when I first went to #All4U. Very professional and caring treatment."... more
- Lee K. [, March 30, 2021]