Garage door safety sensors detect obstructions in the path of the door. If any obstructions are present, the sensors prevent the door from further movement so it doesn't cause damage. Sensors have been required on all garage doors since the early 1990s, and, through modern technology, they operate with the help of infrared light beams. Below, learn more about how they work and how they keep your home and family safe.

The Process

There are two sensors, one located on either side of the door about six inches from the ground. Electricity flows into sensors and is converted into an infrared light beam. One sensor is a sending unit, which emits the light beam, and the other is a receiving unit, which receives and processes the beam. An obstruction in the path of the beam will break it, and the two units will no longer communicate. This engages an automatic reaction in which the door stops moving and reverses course.

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Garage door sensors are crucial safety devices. Because they sit relatively low to the ground, they are able to detect a variety of movements, especially those of small children and pets. They prevent the door from causing serious injuries.

They also protect your vehicle and the items stored in your garage. They detect when tires are passing by or when stored items may have fallen into the path of the door. If you accidentally engage the door too early, the sensors will stop and reverse its movement so your vehicle can get safely in or out.

Sensors are a sign of a well-maintained home. They are an investment in the safety of everyone who lives at or visits your property. This can also be a selling point if you ever choose to sell the home; prospective buyers will want working door sensors, and they will see that the garage and the home have been maintained with an eye for safety and protection.


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