As beautiful as they are practical, mirrors are a lovely addition to any theme of house decor. Although it will likely improve a room’s aesthetic no matter where you hang it, a few tips would help you optimize the benefits. By following this simple guide for what you should and shouldn’t do, your home will quickly become more enchanting than ever. 


Consider reflection and placement. 

Carefully think about how the location of each mirror installation can change the room. For example, placing it opposite to the neatest and/or most attractive and important areas will ensure that they’re reflected in the glass. Hanging it near a window magnifies the sunlight, helping the room appear bigger, brighter, happier, and more inviting. 

Create a focal point. 


With its smooth surface and reflective properties, glass makes a lovely focal point, or center of interest. Place it above a mantel, fireplace, or sofa, or simply somewhere in the middle of the room. Draw more attention to it by installing wall sconces on either side or angling furniture toward it. 

Embrace variety. 

A small mirror has a way of appearing modest and sophisticated all at once, but large ones are wonderful for drawing attention and suggesting confidence. Without straying from your overall decor themes, use a variety to convey different aspects of your personality and values. 


Neglect style. 

With countless framing styles, glass can complement and amplify any decor theme. If you’re a minimalist, go with thin, simple frames in soft or neutral colors. To encourage elegance or a dramatic flair, get a large, intricately carved antique frame. For a chic farmhouse look, plain wood frames would be best. 

Ignore small rooms. 

Perhaps you’re worried that a large frame will overwhelm a small room. However, it may help the room not only appear deeper and more spacious, but more interesting and pleasant. Small rooms are challenging to decorate because they can only fit so much, so by creating the illusion of space without actually taking much of it, glass is an excellent go-to option. 

Feel limited. 

There’s no need to feel like you can only use one per room. As long as the space in question is mostly free of clutter, which would look more overwhelming in so many reflections, hanging multiple mirrors can only enhance the sense of openness and brightness. Also, consider hanging two on either side of a feature you’d like to emphasize, like a fireplace or painting. 

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