Concrete and stone are beautiful, durable patio materials popular among homeowners. They stand up to heavy traffic and weather every day, though they do require some maintenance. Masonry sealing is the best way to preserve your patio. Below is a helpful guide to ensure you take advantage of this service.

Why You Should Have Home Masonry Sealed

1. Protection From Moisture & Chemical Damage

Rainwater will penetrate unsealed masonry and erode it. The surfaces eventually crack and crumble, which is why masonry sealing is needed. Sealants are weatherproof barriers that seamlessly guide moisture from your patio to the lawn. 

They’ll also protect against deicers and chemical spills. The best way to determine if it’s time to seal is by pouring a small amount of water over the bricks. If they're dark, they’re absorbing moisture, and it’s time to reseal.

2. Visual Appeal


Clear sealants often have a glossy finish that emphasizes the colors and textures of your patio materials. They also include additives to block UV rays that could fade your dyed concrete pavers and stones. 

Schedule masonry sealing services every three to five years. Professionals will ensure every inch of the patio is evenly coated for the best look.

3. Easy Maintenance

Seals prevent settling within the masonry, so cleaning up messes is a breeze. You'll be able to wipe up food spills and sweep off dirt effortlessly. 

Plants also won’t grow between pavers, and moss and mildew won’t collect, ensuring you don’t have to work hard to preserve your space. Schedule pressure-washing before masonry sealing if your stone is already stained. Professionals can blast settled dirt from deep in the porous bricks to restore them.


Residents of Raleigh, NC, contact Professional Property Enhancement, for their masonry sealing services. The professionals use proven techniques to maintain outdoor spaces. They offer pressure-washing and sealing for hardscapes, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning, which you can learn about online. Call (919) 757-6442 to speak with a representative for more home care tips.