Pest Control Service
Rochester Pest Pro
77 Commerce Dr., Suite 5A, Rochester, NY 14623

About Rochester Pest Pro

Your home should never be breached by unwanted intruders, especially the creepy-crawly kind. Rochester Pest Pro, Inc. in New York makes sure that homes and businesses throughout Monroe County are safe from the dangers and damage that come with infestations. Trust their team to get rid of the pests taking over your property in a flash.

With over 20 years of industry experience, this family-owned pest control company serves clients all across the greater Rochester area and the surrounding counties. When your home has an infestation, this team is there to make it disappear quickly. From termite control to bed bug removal and rodent extermination, these experts know the best and most effective techniques to eliminate pests from your property. They offer exterior spraying treatments to protect against bees, wasps, stink bugs, and other pests.

They also offer a range of commercial pest control services. Keep your customers and employees safe by trusting their team to handle roach control, rodent removal, termite treatments, and more. Your business will be back up and running in no time—this time without the uninvited guests.

Property owners dealing with nuisance animals can trust this business for wildlife removal services. They remove raccoons, birds, squirrels, and other animals, taking care to get rid of any droppings left behind. To ensure no wild animals return to your property, they offer highly effective wildlife exclusion services. Their team will attend to your soffits, vent returns, holes in your foundation, and other vulnerable spots to keep animals out of your home for good.

For effective pest control solutions and wildlife removal and exclusion services, turn to the professionals at Rochester Pest Pro. Visit their website now for more details on the work they do or give their Facebook page a like to stay updated. Call now at (585) 486-4815 for an estimate on the services you need or to schedule a free inspection.