Many children hear about their friends’ summer camp experiences, and wonder when they’ll have their own stories to tell. Your kids may have even been inspired by the memories you’ve recalled about your own time spent at a summer camp program. If they’re getting to the right age, consider enrolling them in Learning Jungle School’s summer programs — they’ll be sure to have a blast. With campuses in San Marcos and La Mesa, CA, Learning Jungle School is an easy trip for many families in southern California.

Here are five benefits your child will receive when you send them to a summer camp program:

  • San-Marcos-CA-summer-camp-programMaking Friends: Summer may only be a few months long, but the friends you make at camp can last for life. To have a good time, children must cooperate with and respect each other, as they learn to share cabins, chores, and negotiate bathroom time — as well as enjoy more leisurely activities together.
  • Enjoying Nature: It’s important for children to spend plenty of time outside. Parents of children who attend summer camp programs have nothing to worry about in this regard. Hanging out with trees, learning about nature, and being active in the great outdoors is all part of the experience. It also fosters healthy childhood development.
  • Exploring Skills & Interests: Each week of Learning Jungle School’s summer camp program is devoted to a different theme, such as sea life, camping, or dinosaurs. These weeks are filled with opportunities for children to learn about new and interesting topics.
  • Free Play: In addition to stimulating and enriching scheduled activities, summer camp is also filled with opportunities to relax, unwind, and have fun for no reason at all! Free play can be a rarity in a heavily regimented society, but your child will get plenty of it at Learning Jungle School.
  • Developing Confidence: Summer camp is a lot less structured than school, meaning your child will be able to make their own decisions about what to do. They’ll develop independence, confidence, and grow even more as a person.

Summer camp programs are fun, educational, and always unforgettable! To learn more, you can reach the Learning Jungle School in San Marcos at (760) 432-8050 or La Mesa at (619) 589-9196. For more information about the southern California child care centers, visit their website.