Many historic homes have classic architecture and timeless charm, which might be why you invested in one. However, aside from the visual appeal, it’s also crucial to pay attention to the home’s comfort level, including having an efficient HVAC system. Here are the considerations to make before hiring a heating service to install a new furnace in your historic home.

3 Crucial Considerations for a Historic Home Furnace

1. Efficiency

In general, newer furnaces are more efficient than older ones. For one, older furnaces typically run on oil. You could install a new one that uses natural gas—a more convenient and cost-effective way to heat your home.

Advances in technology also allow new furnaces to operate more efficiently. Unlike old furnaces with air handlers that run at one speed, new furnaces come with multi-speed air handlers. This improvement allows you to adjust the airflow velocity in the home as needed, saving energy and lowering heating costs.

2.  Ductwork

heating serviceThe furnaces found in historic homes tend to have old or outdated ductwork. The layout could be inefficient or have leaks and damaged parts. You’ll likely need to add new ductwork or retrofit an existing one to be compatible with the new furnace.

Ask your heating service provider about getting a mini-duct system for the home. As the name suggests, the system has relatively small ducts, and you can have one installed with minimal damage or alterations to the home’s original structure. These ducts will still heat your home efficiently as air passes through them at higher speeds than conventional ducts. 

3. Historic Preservation 

Before you get any work done, make sure that you’ve gone through state rules and guidelines applicable to your home. There are historically-significant properties covered by laws meant to maintain the historic character of the house. If this is the case, you might need to seek approval from historic preservation committees or local government authorities before you can apply upgrades to the home’s system.


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