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Aleta St. James
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About Aleta St. James

Shift your energy shift your life with world renowned energy healer and intuitive life coach, Aleta St. James. Aleta, is a catalyst for accelerated change. She will help you break through the blocks that have kept you from achieving your dreams and destiny, and skyrockets you forward to a life that you desire and deserve. 

She helps you manifest loving relationships, financial freedom, exciting careers; she is known for her ability helping women with their fertility journeys and successfully coaching them through their pregnancies. In fact Aleta herself made worldwide news after giving birth to twins at 57.  

 Based in New York, NY, she is highly sought after due to her unique intuitive ability and her Life Shift healing techniques as well as her powerful healing transmissions that are specific to Aleta. She has an unprecedented ability to help her clients quickly manifest success, lower stress, gain self-confidence, self-heal and actually causes her clients to  create real life miracles.

 For more than 30 years, Aleta has been studying and practicing energy transformation techniques that she learned from spiritual masters throughout the world in India, Brazil, and Peru; while still integrating these concepts into western practices. Aleta serves clients ranging from famous celebrities to leading CEOs, and they can speak to the role her guidance has played in helping them succeed in their professional and personal lives. Her countless testimonials illustrate this fact beautifully.  For countless numbers of women and men, she is  a relentlessly supportive, intuitive life coach and valued mentor.

 Aleta St. James successfully helps empower her clients and causes the energetic shift that makes miracles happen. In her private practice she holds remote sessions that generate  breakthroughs by eliminating subconscious blocks to accelerate positive change. She will help you shift and control your negativity to focus on what you want to create in your life versus what you do not. 

 The essence of her work is to tap into her myriad of resources to customize approaches that help her clients Clear, Shift, and Recreate their lives. Unlike a therapist, many of her clients become lifelong friends. Aleta’s family constellation work includes supporting children, tweens and teens and helping them navigate through tough issues like parental divorce, death, and especially self-esteem and behavioral issues. 

Aleta is a successful author of the book “Life Shift: Let Go and Live Your Dreams” which has been coined by many as the “Bible of transformation.” Her energy transference meditations and inspirational messages offer support and guidance and act as personal sessions with Aleta that you can do on your own to support living from a positive state and using spiritual energy to break through obstacles. It’s like having  a spiritual gym for you to work out with at home.

Aleta’s renowned energy healing work has been featured on leading network programs like “The Today Show” and “Good Morning America.” She is also featured on the Real Housewives of New York, and is often called on for support. In the past, she’s given seminars for major corporate clients, including executives that are leading major industries including: high tech, entertainment, social media, and the top Fortune 50 corporations. She’s also led spiritual journeys to places like Bali, Thailand, and Maui, and is reinventing the process to align to helping participants reconnect with their spiritual side.

If you’ve been dreaming or wondering if it’s even possible to transform your life, IT IS. let Aleta St. James help you make that change a reality. Visit her online or call to schedule a session and get moving immediately into the life you deserve to have.  For free consultations contact her at 

You can also check out her online meditations, group classes, master classes, and learn more about her life shifting practices here.