Roma’s Pizza & Pasta is happy to announce the re-opening of their indoor dining area in Springboro, OH. The Italian restaurant has always delivered quality menu items, but now customers who haven’t been able to visit in person over the past year have the opportunity to revisit the full Roma’s dining experience. Here’s why you should stop by as soon as possible. 

Benefits of Dining In

Throughout the past year, customers have still been able to enjoy some favorite Italian dishes through carryout. However, the experience of visiting a restaurant offers much more than just food. 

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Visiting a restaurant lets you sit around a table with friends and family, enjoying discussions and laughs without the distractions of eating at home. You'll also feel more like part of a community by dining in since you’re in a setting with others, even if you’re seated far apart. Additionally, dining in means getting to enjoy food as soon as it comes out of the oven. At an Italian restaurant, you’ll get piping hot pizza and pasta made with fresh ingredients without having to drive home and unpack them first. 

What the Experience Looks Like

Customers who haven’t eaten in a restaurant in months or even a full year may be unsure of what the dining experience will entail when they return. However, Roma’s is dedicated to providing the same quality food and friendly experience it always has, just paired with a few extra health and safety precautions like enhanced spacing, sanitizing, and masks. 

Besides the indoor dining areas, Roma’s also offers an outdoor patio with seating. With warmer weather coming, this is a perfect way to enjoy a delicious Italian meal while getting some fresh air. 

If you’re interested in dining at Roma’s Pizza & Pasta, the Italian restaurant is open now. You can take a seat indoors or enjoy the nice weather on the outdoor patio. Of course, the menu is still full of all your Italian favorites, including pizza, pasta, chicken Parmesan, and homemade desserts. Visit the website to browse the full menu, or call (937) 790-1000 to place an order or speak with a team member.