Calzones and strombolis are among the most popular Italian cuisine options, yet their names are often used interchangeably. While both offer unique takes on pizza, there are a few distinct differences between them to note. Learn about these differences here to make more informed ordering decisions at Italian restaurants.

Calzones & Strombolis: Their Differences Explained


A product of Naples, Italy, the calzone provided a street-savvy way to enjoy pizza. It is a one-layer dish filled with ricotta and Italian meats, with other popular fillings, including spinach and broccoli. Additional cheese, such as mozzarella, is often used to create a blend.

italian cuisineThe fillings are placed in the center of stretched dough before this Italian cuisine staple is folded and baked, resulting in a golden brown, half-moon-shaped dish. The sides of the calzone are pinched shut before baking to hold its contents. Calzone orders come with marinara sauce, as their sealed sides make the dish easy to dip.


The stromboli does not come from Italy; rather, it originated in the Italian-American neighborhood of South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nazzareno Romano of Romano’s Pizza is credited with crafting the first stromboli in 1950. A type of pinwheel sandwich, filings such as mozzarella, vegetables, marinara sauce, and Italian meats get rolled with the dough to create multiple layers. To make one, the dough is shaped into an extra-long rectangle, then rolled with desired fillings to form a flattened, log-shaped loaf.

Strombolis are often sliced so that more than one person can enjoy them. And it’s possible to dip strombolis, like calzones, these do include a delicious side of marinara to do so.


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