As dogs need plenty of exercise to remain happy and healthy, consider bringing your canine along when you vacation at your beach home this summer. Your pup will get exhilarating workouts running across the soft sand and paddling in the tranquil waves. To prevent any snags in your plans, and ensure your pet remains safe while having fun in the sun, follow the advice here. 

How Can You Prepare Your Dog for a Beach Vacation?

1. Research 

For public safety, municipalities have leash laws regarding when, how, and where dogs must be restrained. Before you head to the beach home, find out about pet regulations in the destination. The property manager might be able to direct you to the proper agencies to contact. Let representatives know your dog’s breed and size and which beaches you will be visiting. They will let you know whether certain areas are off-limits to pets and additional policies. You can plan accordingly to avoid fines and additional penalties.

2. Acclimate

Orange-Beach-Alabama-beach-homesPlan your dog’s first few outings to the beach during off-peak times. Although being in a new environment can be exciting, it can also make the animal anxious. Being around numerous strangers on a crowded beach will only add to their discomfort. Exploring when few people are around will help your dog acclimate faster. Let your pet explore the different rooms in the beach home to help them settle in. Place their bedding in your bedroom, as knowing you are nearby will provide comfort.  

3. Pack 

Pack a separate suitcase with supplies for your canine. To prevent painful sunburns, bring along waterproof, unscented sunscreen formulated for dogs. Work the solution into the animal’s fur and skin. Avoid products with zinc oxide and para-aminobenzoic acid, which are toxic to dogs. Protective booties will prevent burns on paws and also will protect against sharp objects puncturing the pads. To keep your animal hydrated, bring along a bottle of water and keep it chilled in a portable cooler. To prevent overheating, venture back to the beach home often so your animal can relax in the AC. 


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