When planning a family vacation, there are so many variables to consider. Not only is it important to find a location and activities that will appeal to everyone, but you must also think about the basic logistics, such as lodging. Two of the most popular options are staying at a hotel or booking a vacation rental. If you’re unsure which would be best for you and your family, here’s what you need to know.


For those who only plan to get away for a few days or a weekend, hotels offer incredible convenience. Since you don’t have to worry about cleaning the room, all you need to do is wake up, get ready, and head out and explore.

vacation rentalAdditionally, if you want to be close to the main tourist attractions, like the beach, museums, or shopping centers, hotels generally provide closer proximity.

As for pre-packing stress, you can streamline your suitcases. There’s no need to worry about packing items like towels or toiletries. The hotel will provide them.

Vacation Rentals

If you’re planning an extended vacation, such as one that lasts for a week, if not longer, a vacation rental is generally more comfortable. With a vacation rental home, everyone gets a little bit more breathing room since they don’t have to stay in a single, shared space.

The parents can get a room separate from the kids. You can also book a home with more than one bathroom to make getting ready and winding down much more manageable.

Vacation rental homes are also more affordable in the long run. Not only does the cost per night go down the longer you stay but having access to a kitchen means you won’t have to dine out for every meal.


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