Any business that stores patient records, credit card numbers, or sensitive government information has a responsibility to secure that valuable information. The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) is a government agency charged with maintaining standards for the science and tech industries, including network security. No matter what industry you’re in, review this guide to learn more about NIST-compliant IT services.

What Are NIST Standards?

NIST standards are a voluntary set of guidelines and best practices designed to prevent cybercriminals and foreign agencies from accessing sensitive information. These guidelines include everything from identifying valuable data, like HIPAA-protected medical records and financial information, to the specific cybersecurity measures that should be taken. These rules may dictate the number of firewalls, traffic monitoring services, and sensitive documents that should be kept on a separate secure server.

nist-compliant it services

While the guidelines don’t represent a comprehensive set of security measures, they provide a useful starting point for developing a more customized system. For instance, businesses in the health care field may need more advanced protocols to meet the more stringent HIPAA rules. Contractors working with government agencies may also need to meet standards established by the specific contract.

Which Businesses Must Meet NIST Standards?

Any business that works with the federal government is required to have an IT infrastructure that complies with NIST standards. Whether you’re currently bidding on government contracts or plan to in the future, developing a NIST-compliant IT service now can help you avoid regulatory hurdles.

What Are the Benefits of NIST Standards?

Having a NIST-compliant IT service in place positions your company to take advantage of government contracts in the future. It will also instill confidence in potential customers even if your field doesn’t necessarily require compliance. If a company is accepting bids, they may accept yours over a competitor’s if you can demonstrate that you’ve taken steps to protect client information.


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