Searching for and selecting a new vehicle is an involved process. By the time you find the perfect option, you might be eager to simply sign the dotted line and collect your keys. However, before you move ahead, it's crucial you talk to your car dealer about any additional fees included in your contract. Specifically, keep an eye out for the ones listed below. 

What Expenses Should You Consider When Buying a New Car?

1. Title & Registration

Every car is required by law to have a license plate, title, and registration before it can be driven off the dealer lot. This is a standard fee you should expect to pay regardless of the dealership you choose to work with. In sporadic cases, a car dealer might be open to negotiating the price, but because they're generally expected to be included in the total cost, be sure to factor this into your budget during the shopping process.

2. Advertising 

car dealer

In order to get potential buyers to see the vehicle and generate interest in coming to see it, the car dealer needs to invest money in advertising. Typically, this is a requirement instated by the car company that works with the dealership to provide inventory. In theory, the dealer should cover this fee, but in some cases, they might try to pass it on to you instead. This can easily add a few hundred dollars to your total price, so don't be afraid to ask the dealer to remove the line item from your invoice.

3. Documentation Fee

A documentation fee, sometimes a doc or conveyance fee, is used to cover expenses associate with the clerical work required to close a sale. The process of drawing up a contract and collecting all the necessary paperwork to sell a vehicle is considered standard, so don't be surprised if you're unable to avoid it. You can sometimes expect to pay a few hundred dollars for this fee.


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