Power washing is a valuable tool in commercial cleaning. You should have this service done for your sidewalks and walkways at least a few times a year. Investing in this cleaning service will pay for itself many times over by providing valuable benefits for your business, employees, and customers. 

Why Schedule Power Washing for Your Business?

1. Extend the Surface’s Lifespan

Having concrete power washed just three times a year can extend the surface's lifespan by an average of five to six years. This is because it thoroughly washes away all the chemicals and dirt that break down the concrete as they form a film over the sidewalk or get trapped in the cracks between slabs.

For example, the harsh chemical salt used to melt away ice in the winter will corrode the concrete when left to sit on it, forming potholes and weak spots that will allow water down into the subgrade. 

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2. Improve Safety

A clean surface is safer to walk on. The powerful stream released by a pressure washer removes months’ worth of slippery oil spills and dirt. It will also make any surface damage obvious, such as cracks or potholes, so you can have them repaired before they pose a tripping hazard for customers or employees walking down the sidewalk. 

3. Reduce Liability

By improving safety, you’ll reduce the risk of employees or visitors getting injured on your property. As a business, you are responsible for maintaining your property and protecting the safety of everyone who visits it. 

If an accident does occur, you will reduce your liability risk if they should choose to sue your business. You can prove you have been diligent in your commercial cleaning and maintenance to provide a safe space. 

4. Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, and your business property is a direct reflection of your business. Customers or clients will be impressed if they arrive at your site and step onto a tidy sidewalk. A clean, well-maintained walkway up to the building reflects professionalism. 

5. Fight Weeds

Weeds are strong plants that will take root in the smallest of sidewalk cracks or seams between slabs. They need dirt to take root, so routine power washing will flush away all seeds and dirt that would otherwise take root in your walkway. This prevents those invasive roots that spread out underneath your concrete and force it to buckle upward, causing extensive damage that isn’t easy to fix. 


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