Many teams and businesses like to have customized or logoed apparel. Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is a quick and effective way to place graphics and text on articles of clothing. The process involves using a DTG machine, which works like a household printer for garments instead of paper. The following guide covers the advantages of this simple garment printing method. 

What Are the Advantages of Direct-to-Garment Printing? 

1. Short Preparation Time 

People often find that traditional screen printers require a large minimum order since it's a time-intensive process. On the flip side, DTG printers often accept smaller orders since the equipment is ready for use on short notice. DTG machines can easily handle large orders, too, so you have flexibility either way. Printers can often turn orders around quickly since it doesn't take much time to prepare the DTG machine between batches. This saves you time and makes last-minute orders possible. 

2. Excellent Quality 


DTG printing produces vibrant, detailed designs that can stand up to frequent wear and tear. No one likes discovering that the design on a brand-new shirt has faded after one wash. Since direct-to-garment printing uses high-quality inks and superior equipment, quality isn't a concern. DTG printing creates a noticeable difference with long-lasting, vibrant colors, and customers will notice and appreciate your well-made products. 

3. Environmentally Friendly 

The garment industry is often criticized for producing waste. However, direct-to-garment printing is an environmentally conscious alternative to other printing methods. Since the graphics and text go directly onto your garments, you don't need many materials beyond fabric, printing equipment, and ink. Further, since the process is automated, the printer can maximize the ink used on each garment, eliminating ink waste. 

4. Flexibility 

DTG printing lets you bring any design to life. Since printers can handle elaborate and intricate designs, you have free reign to create incredible artwork. Additionally, you can easily create personalized goods since DTG machines are ideal for small batch production. Even if clothing isn't one of your main products, DTG is great for making promotional items that will last a long time. 


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