Ventilation is an often overlooked part of maintaining a healthy home. Taking the proper steps to promote air circulation with tasks like air duct cleaning can lower your home's humidity and reduce the likelihood of mold growth. Here are a few ways to improve ventilation. 

How to Maintain Excellent Home Ventilation

1. Air Duct Cleaning

The HVAC system plays a critical role in overall air quality and circulation. When air filters and duct systems are dirty and clogged with dust, debris, pet dander, and allergens, the air circulating throughout your home can transfer pollutants. 

Similarly, leaking ducts or malfunctioning refrigerant lines can lead to moisture buildup and mold growth. Scheduling air duct cleaning twice a year from a trained professional will enhance property ventilation while ensuring your HVAC system is efficient. 

2. Exhaust Fans

air duct cleaning

Indoor exhaust fans can also regulate moisture in the air. This is particularly true in the bathroom, where hot showers and baths produce steam, and in the kitchen, where cooking over the stove can produce humidity and carbon monoxide. Installing, maintaining, and utilizing exhaust fans with frequency in these rooms can ensure these areas receive sufficient airflow and filtration. 

3. Roof & Attic Vents

During the summer, attics and crawlspaces get extremely hot and humid since warm air rises and can fester in these confined areas. Proper roof and attic ventilation can promote circulation. 

Roofing systems that have gable-end vents could benefit from additional soffit vents or airflow intake vents installed on the underside of the roof eaves. Hot air exhaust vents at the peak of the roof can also help hot air quickly escape from your attic. 


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