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Evergreen Nursery Inc.

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E 1843 Pantti Rd, Rumely, MI 49826

About Evergreen Nursery Inc.

Beautify your home’s landscape by coming to a plant nursery that has the very best native seedlings in Skandia, MI—Evergreen Nursery, Inc. As the only containerized nursery in the Upper Peninsula, this family-owned and -operated business has spent the last 10 years growing their inventory to provide the very best selection to their customers. 

Whatever you’re looking for to make your landscape truly come alive, Evergreen Nursery has it. Specializing in tree seedlings, this plant nursery carries conifers, deciduous, native shrubs, and other evergreens like cedar and hemlock. They also have a variety of potted bushes and trees, including apple trees. Those focused on cultivating their green thumb in the garden can choose from wildflowers, vegetables, and herbs and enjoy an amazing, delicious harvest in no time. 

Head over to Evergreen Nursery to browse the beautiful, native seedlings they have to offer. Call (906) 439-5515 or visit this plant nursery online for more information.



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