One of the most common mistakes novice pool players make is not taking the time to learn how to properly hold a cue. This is a fundamental skill that can make all the difference in your ability to sink the target ball. Perfecting your grip and alignment will give you better control of the stick and allow you to shoot with more accuracy and power. Whether you enjoy a friendly competitive game at the local pool hall or you’re interested in joining a league, the following tips on holding a cue will help make your shot look effortless. 

How to Hold a Pool Cue

1. Use Your Comfortable Hand to Grip 

Place the hand you’re most comfortable using on the lower end of the pool stick, about four to five inches from the bottom. Be sure your grip isn’t too tight, but rather loose and steady so that your hand can smoothly transition into the swing. Use only your thumb and index finger to secure the cue. This will allow it to move naturally, without swerving and missing the cue ball. 

2. Get Low to the Table 

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Next, drop your upper body down so that you’re hovering just above the table. This gives you the right viewpoint to line up the cue ball with the target ball. Hold the cue at your hip and keep your legs in a relaxed stance. 
Having them slightly bent and a few inches apart will help you maintain stability. Remember to try to stay motionless while setting up your shot. 

3. Bridge the Tip 

Finally, you need to make a bridge with your non-dominant hand at the tip of the cue. Several bridge variations can be used, but open and closed bridges are usually the easiest to master for amateur players at the pool hall.
For an open bridge, spread your fingers apart and create a tent with your hand. Place the cue between your thumb and index finger so that it’s resting in the V shape. For a closed bridge, make a loose fist and put your hand on the table. 

Spread out the pinkie, ring, and middle fingers, but leave the index finger tucked as you slide it over your thumb. Then, put the cue through the loop that’s formed. 


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