Applying spray foam to the floor or rafters in your attic can provide several practical advantages for your household. This type of insulation consists of polyurethane that combines with air to create a foamy substance that expands and becomes solid as it dries. When sprayed onto surfaces or in cracks and crevices throughout the home, it can form a barrier against the elements. Here's a closer look at why attic insulation is important for residences.

Why Does Your Home Need Attic Insulation?

1. Improve Comfort

Without insulation, warm outdoor air during the summer may enter your home through openings in your attic, and cool air created by your air conditioning system may leave through the same gaps and cracks. During the winter, the opposite can happen. 

As a result, you might notice higher indoor temperatures in the summer and lower indoor temperatures in the winter, especially on the upper floors. Adding spray foam to your attic can prevent heat transfer to optimize home comfort throughout the year. 

2. Save On Utilities 

attic insulation

Heat transfer may cause your HVAC unit to cycle more frequently to maintain the thermostat settings, increasing energy use. Insulating your attic with spray foam can take the stress off your heating and cooling system, which can lower your utility expenses. 

3. Reduce Indoor Humidity 

Outdoor humidity may enter your home through unsealed gaps in your attic. If indoor humidity levels become elevated, excess moisture can create a favorable environment for mold and mildew growth. 

Insulating your attic creates a watertight barrier that reduces the risk of fungal buildup. This keeps harmful spores from circulating throughout your HVAC system, reducing your family's exposure to mold and lowering the risk of allergenic rhinitis and asthmatic reactions

4. Boost Indoor Air Quality 

Chemical pollutants like smoke and environmental allergens such as pollen may enter your home through attic crevices. In addition to creating unpleasant odors, these substances might make it more difficult for you to breathe comfortably in your residence. Insulating the space provides an airtight barrier against these microbes, which may improve the quality of your indoor air. 


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