Spray foam insulation is widely popular among homeowners who want to save money and lower their impact on the environment. Many are also interested in tackling insulation as a DIY project. However, installing insulation yourself carries a number of risks that could compromise your home’s energy efficiency and even your safety. Here are a few reasons why it’s best to leave insulation to the professionals.

Why Homeowners Should Trust Insulation Specialists

1. Fire Safety Must Be Observed

Spray foam insulation is applied in layers as a pressurized vapor. This spray is usually composed of polyurethane, which is flammable in vapor form and can be ignited by open flames. Lighters, furnace equipment, and even portable space heaters can cause fires to start and spread when spraying insulation. Professional insulation installers are thoroughly trained and experienced in recognizing fire hazards and will understand the proper procedures for limiting heat and combustible materials.

2. Risks of Property Damage

spray foam insulation

Before installing spray foam insulation, drywall and older fiberglass insulation must be removed. As foam expands, it can place excessive pressure on drywall panels and force them to break apart, exposing your walls to moisture and weakening your home’s thermal envelope.

Some homeowners try to combine spray and fiberglass insulation for a more effective seal. However, because foam insulation will not adhere to fiberglass, gaps will be left in place. As a result, water vapor may enter the walls and lead to mold and mildew growth.

3. Installation Requires Professional Equipment

In vapor form, sprayed insulation is a health hazard unless handled properly and with professional-grade protective gear. Experts warn that touching, inhaling, or otherwise handling the chemicals in this material without proper equipment increases the risk of respiratory, skin, and eye injuries.

Most homeowners don’t have access to the industrial respirators and chemical paper suits needed to protect themselves from harm. For that reason, it’s best to leave the installation to specialists.


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