Spray foam insulation has been used since the 1940s, but its popularity has surged in recent years thanks to technological advances and product improvements. Still, some outdated information and misconceptions linger. Here are the facts behind four common myths. 

4 Myths About Spray Foam Insulation 

1. It Shrinks Over Time 

Spray foam only shrinks if it's a defective or improperly installed product. Incorrectly mixed chemical compounds or inappropriate humidity levels during installation can cause shrinkage. But these issues usually only occur when an unqualified individual handled the installation. 

2. You Can't Install It in Winter 

spray foam insulation

It is possible to install insulation year-round. If the temperature is too cold or humidity levels are outside the necessary parameters, contractors will bring in space heaters or dehumidifiers to remedy the issue during installation. However, inclement weather conditions, whether a severe thunderstorm or blizzard, may necessitate rescheduling if workers cannot do their job safely. 

3. Closed-Cell Is Always Best  

Both closed- and open-cell have their uses. The former is denser, heavier, more air-tight, and moisture-resistant. However, open-cell insulation tends to be less expensive to install and can fit into nooks more easily due to its molecular structure. While it is more likely to absorb water, contemporary products are more moisture-resistant than their older counterparts. It also won't trap water as closed-cell does. Because of this, it is more appropriate for roof decks. If there's a leak and you have open-cell insulation, you'll notice. However, closed-cell insulation will plug the leak, locking moisture to the wood and increasing the risk of water damage.  

4. It's Harmful to the Environment & Health 

Most types of insulation, and numerous other products, contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that produce off-gassing. However, with spray foam insulation, off-gassing only occurs during installation and ceases within about 24 hours. During this time, your contractor will ask that you vacate the premises to ensure you are not exposed to any potentially harmful elements. After this period, the insulation poses no risk to your health or safety. Furthermore, because it is bacteria and mold-resistant, it may promote better indoor air quality and health


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