There are countless airborne pollutants outside, and many find their way into a poorly insulated home. Luckily, there are many ways homeowners can improve indoor air quality. Below is a helpful guide to insulation and other solutions so your family enjoys safe, healthy air.

What to Know About Indoor Air Quality

What Causes Poor Air Quality?

Pollutants are either released inside the home or leak in from the outside. Cigarette smoke, mold spores, and asbestos are examples of in-home contaminants. Radon and carbon monoxide are outdoor pollutants that sneak in through cracks. Breaks in the foundation, siding, and roofing all contribute. These then penetrate through weak insulation and circulate freely in air ducts.

You may first notice musty, off-putting smells, especially in the bathroom and damp areas where mold grows. Specific finishes like wood or carpeting may smell like chemicals. Some family members experience flu-like symptoms, as well as nasal and throat irritation. Others may experience fainting and fatigue from pollution exposure. These contaminants can even be fatal to family members with respiratory or autoimmune conditions, which is why they must be eliminated.

What Are Ways to Improve Air Quality?

insulation-rossvileStart by sealing cracks in the exterior. It’s wise to also re-caulk around doors and windows if the seal is brittle or peeling. Make sure the weather stripping around entrances isn’t tattered, and have roofers look for missing shingles or perforations.

Once the exterior is sealed, upgrade your insulation. A spray-foam barrier provides the tightest seal against anything that penetrates the roof. It also benefits your HVAC system. These barriers keep cool air in during summer and out during winter. You won’t have to run your heating and cooling system as often, resulting in lower bills.

Clean your home regularly to remove dust mites and other contaminants, and change HVAC filters. Consider installing hospital-grade HEPA filters to capture the smallest pollutants circulating in your ducts. It’s also important to ventilate. Run a bathroom fan after a hot shower and open windows to flush stale, dirty air from your home.


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