Anniversary flowers are a classic gift for this romantic occasion, and they can send a specific message. The right selection can tell your partner how well you know them and care about the relationship and the milestones you’ve reached together. Here is a basic guide for choosing anniversary flowers that will make your loved one feel special on this important day.

How to Pick Anniversary Flowers

1. Consider Popular Types

Some blooms are classic choices for this occasion because they’re so heavily associated with romance. Red roses are the foremost example. For something more unusual but still associated with relationships, try giving your sweetheart a live orchid, which will continue to grow just as your love will.

2. Say What You Mean

anniversary flowers

For hundreds of years, flowers have been used as a code, with certain blossoms carrying specific meanings. For example, you might send tulips to make a bold declaration of love or add sprigs of honeysuckle to symbolize devotion. Daisies symbolize true love, and heliotrope means your love will last forever. There are many flower meanings to choose from, some of them very specific, so tailor the bouquet to say exactly what you want.

3. Choose the Flower for the Year

Traditionally, certain blossoms are associated with specific years of marriage. For the first anniversary, give your partner carnations. The next four years call for cosmos, sunflowers, geraniums, and daisies, in that order. After the fifth anniversary, flowers are associated with milestone years: daffodils for the 10th, roses for the 5th, asters for the 20th, irises for the 25th, lilies for the 30th, and gladiolas for the 40th. For those devoted couples who make it to their 50th anniversary, combine yellow roses and violets, as both signify happiness and support.


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