Grocery Store
Al Aqsa Meat Market
5103 West Market Street, Suite E, Greensboro, NC 27409

About Al Aqsa Meat Market

Are you looking for an opportunity to cook and serve Middle Eastern food for your family and friends? At Al Aqsa Meat Market in Greensboro, NC, they’ll provide you with fresh Halal meats that are completely free of antibiotics and hormones. They offer a wide range of meat options from goat and chicken to oxtail and veal to help widen your palate. 

Whether you’re buying lamb and beef in bulk or grabbing a homemade bottle of savory olive oil, spices, and seasonal fresh vegetables, this meat market store offers a plethora of options. Their on-site butcher is able to take your choice of meat and put it into kabob form for convenient cooking. Spice up your meal with delicious accompaniments such as flaky baklava, freshly baked pita, and fluffy couscous. 

Al Aqsa Meat Market boasts fresh and local items to help you create a decadent meal for your family. Call this international market at (336) 291-8973 or visit their Facebook page to learn more today.