Many businesses started allowing employees to telecommute during the pandemic. Some have even adopted permanent work-from-home policies. However, a physical office space offers many benefits for teams and businesses. If you’re starting a business this year or just considering how to work with your team going forward, here are a few reasons to opt for a physical location. 

Why Your Company Should Get a Physical Office

1. Encourages Collaboration

When your whole team works in the same space, they can easily converse from their cubicles or conference tables. They may share ideas for new products or marketing initiatives that the leadership team wouldn’t have dreamed up while working on their own. A physical office space also gives you the ability to participate in team-building activities or enjoy lunch together, creating stronger bonds between your team and helping them feel more connected to their workplace. 

2. Streamlines Onboarding

office space

When you hire new team members, going over company processes in person can help them better absorb all the information. It's also easier for new hires to ask questions right away, since they can shadow another team member or pop their head in the next office. When telecommuting, they may not be sure who to ask, and it can be more difficult for a new team member to remember processes that aren't demonstrated in front of them. 

3. Improves Accountability

It’s easier to keep an eye on team performance when everyone is in the same space. If someone constantly shows up late or misses meetings with clients, you’ll be able to address it early so they can improve in these areas. Employees are generally given more free time when telecommuting, which may seem nice at first, but many workers thrive from knowing they’ll be held accountable for their work ethic. Additionally, being in the same physical space may call attention to outstanding work so you can recognize and reward it.


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