If your child has a birthday coming up, planning the party can be fun, as well as a cause for nostalgia. It can also lead to a bit of stress as you try to organize all the details to create a memorable, engaging, and accommodating experience for all guests. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about children’s birthday parties that will help make the affair one to remember.

A Guide to Hosting Your Kid's Birthday Bash

What are creative party ideas?

It can often make the event simpler if you come up with a unifying theme. For example, your little princess might enjoy a spa party, where they and their friends can get manicures, pedicures, and face masks. If they've always dreamed of being a mermaid, you can make that happen with costumed accessories. If your child enjoys making a mess, a slime party can be especially memorable. 

Consider working with a company that hosts these kinds of themed events. With multiple adults working different stations, this can take some of the responsibility for entertaining a bunch of youngsters off your shoulders, and these professionals will already have props and supplies on hand. Additionally, their presence means less cleanup for you.

children's birthday parties

How long should the event last?

Two hours is ideal for children four to six years old. This allows enough time for toddlers to have cake and ice cream, play games, and socialize with friends. Tweens and older kids are likely to want to hang out longer, so plan for an afternoon-long affair. Indicate the decided pick-up time on the invitation.

Should parents or caregivers drop off kids or stay with them?

Typically, parents stay with kids who are age five or younger or if the child has a medical condition that requires monitoring. By the time kids reach age seven or the tween years, this becomes less necessary. In the invitation, state whether parents are invited to attend the event or not and request RSVPs from all guests—whether by text, email, or phone. This will help you know how much food to have out, among other considerations. If other parents won't be in attendance at the party, save their contact information in case they need to be reached.

Should I ask about allergies?

When asking guests to RSVP, also request that they share any applicable allergies. Knowing this information will help with food and drink modifications and ensure safe products are used during spa parties. 


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