Parents want to plan the best children’s birthday parties for their little ones. It’s fun to incorporate your kid's favorite things and activities into the event and create a beautiful aesthetic for everyone to take in; decorations boost enjoyment and can aid the party's organization. If you’re planning a gathering for your child's upcoming birthday, here are the best tips for decorating!

How to Beautifully Decorate for Children’s Birthday Parties

1. Establish One Theme 

Choosing one theme helps limit what decor you should buy or rent. If your child loves animals, establish a safari theme by hanging animal streamers and including patterns, like tiger print. Hang trailing plants and vines from the ceiling to create a jungle-like environment. 

When planning a princess-themed bash, incorporate sparkles, shades of white and pink, and crowns to make each guest feel like royalty. Wrap fuzzy or gauzy pink and white fabrics or bows around chairs, and utilize tiara-shaped confetti and matching balloons. 

2. Incorporate a Variety of Colors 

children's birthday parties

Kids love colors, especially since they’re bright and attention-grabbing enough to make the environment feel like a celebration. Mix and match different—but complementary—tones and textures by including streamers and balloons. You could also opt for a monochromatic theme and focus on certain shades of one color for a classier look. A rainbow palette can set a fun mood for your children’s birthday party. 

Decorate tables with different-colored tablecloths, plates, or centerpieces to make one shade pop; plants, like sunflowers, can be a fun way to add vibrancy. The way food is presented on the table can bolster the theme, and the activities at the party can act as decor that also adds color. Sprinkling confetti on the tables is an interactive way to utilize a lot of colors. 

3. Use an Outdoor Venue 

Not only is an event easier to clean up after when it's hosted outside, but nature is a simple and gorgeous venue. Hang string lights and streamers around trees or along fences to give nighttime parties a beautiful glow. You can also drape them vertically or horizontally on a gate for a photo booth backdrop. 

Adding a decorative table runner, like vines, establishes a nature theme. You can also use a solid-colored cloth to set a more mature mood and invite them to enjoy the weather while relaxing at tables. Fairy lights strung in trees or balloons tied to the backs of chairs can be an exciting prop. Incorporate fun outdoor activities for the children to play with while waiting for their meals to be ready.


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