Whether you just went for a run or spent the afternoon at the beach, the feeling of cool air blasting from your vehicle’s AC system is a welcome essential. Navigating through traffic or taking a 5-minute trip down the road can become unbearable. When your AC system fails to deliver cold air, it could point to a few issues that require the expertise of an auto mechanic to solve.

Why Is My Car’s AC System Returning Warm Air?

1. Refrigerant or Freon Leak

Refrigerant, also called freon, is used by the AC system to create cold air. The various components of the system transform the refrigerant from a liquid into a gas, so when the refrigerant leaks, it results in air that can’t be cooled. You may find water stains on the dashboard or the floor mats. An auto mechanic may refill the refrigerant level only for the warm air to return a few days or weeks later. This problem indicates a leak, so a mechanic will need to inspect the entire AC system. 

2. Compressor Problem

auto mechanicThe compressor pushes the refrigerant throughout the AC to remove warmth from the air. When the compressor becomes worn down or damaged, warm air results. It’s one of the more complex auto components and can be impacted by the failure of other parts. Other signs of a bad compressor include loud squealing noises and a seized compressor clutch.

3. Electrical Failure

The air conditioner relies on a number of electrical components. When a wire becomes damaged or a fuse fails, the system will turn off to prevent widespread damage. An auto mechanic will need to test the electrical parts of the AC system to determine where the problem is and which parts need to be replaced.


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