Whether yours is a long-distance or local moving project, the right packing strategies are key. They ensure everything arrives at your new location intact, including electronics featuring glass screens and other components that can sustain damage without the right care. Below are tips for packing electronics safely and effectively. 

3 Packing Tips for Household Electronics

1. Remove Batteries & Media

Take the batteries out of all electronic equipment since they can overheat during transit. Battery acid corrodes electronic components. If any batteries have already leaked, do not remove them without thick gloves since the acid burns skin. Also, remove all cartridges and discs that can break off or deform within the electronic item from heat or age-related wear. 

Remove cords and label them with the removable media to avoid confusion and setup issues at your new house. You might also want to photograph cord connections to streamline the process. 

2. Use the Original Packaging

Place electronics in their original packages if you still have them, as they conform to each item and provide cushioning that protected the product when it was first shipped. Use bubble wrap for all electronics without their packaging and add several layers of wrap depending on the fragility of each product. 

Place newspaper or old towels at the bottom of every box to absorb vibrations during travel and keep your devices from moving too much. 

3. Fill in Extra Space & Use Silica

Add air-filled bubbles or more bubble wrap to the top of boxes with electronics if there is any remaining space. Doing so provides more cushioning that keeps the devices immobilized during your long-distance or local moving adventure. 

Place silica gel packs in the boxes if you’re moving far away since they absorb moisture that corrodes electronics. You might also want to use silica packets for a relatively short move if the humidity level in your area is high. 

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