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Black Dot Cultural Center, Bookstore, & Coffee Bar

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6984 Main St, Lithonia, GA 30058

About Black Dot Cultural Center, Bookstore, & Coffee Bar

The Village Meeting Place

Promoting Black positive messages and bringing the community together, Black Dot Cultural Center in Lithonia, GA, begins their mission right in their name—the black dot is an ancient Afrikan symbol for Blackness. This DeKalb County coffee shop is a safe space to sit back and relax with a cup of delicious Afrikan coffee or tea.

In this safe haven for creation, you can enjoy your coffee surrounded by new books filled with history, spirituality, psychology, and more. As a bookstore-coffee-shop hybrid, this is the perfect location to serve as a local cultural center. Discover unique gifts, books, and delicious cafe beverages alongside the Black community.

Step into Black Dot Cultural Center today for a tasty cup of coffee and spend some time taking in the knowledge on the shelves. Visit their website to learn more or call them at (770) 305-6373 with any questions or concerns.


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