One of the biggest concerns you’ll face in moving is packing your fragile items. Whether you’ll be keeping your belongings in storage units, or you’ll be moving directly into your new home, you want to ensure your glassware will make the trip intact. The following packing tips can help you protect your more fragile belongings.

How to Pack Your Glassware Properly

1. Cushion the Bottom of the Box

The first step is to prepare the box by inserting a layer of crumpled up newspaper or bubble wrap. You can also use towels to create a protective layer, but make sure it’s thick enough to absorb movement. The drive to the storage unit or your new home may be bumpy or curvy, so you’ll want to protect them in the event of a rough trip.

2. Wrap Each Glass

Whether you're wrapping them in bubble wrap or newspaper, place the material on a hard, flat surface. Lay each glass down and roll the paper with the glass. Go from one corner of the paper to the opposite corner, and use the excess paper to stuff into the mouth of the glass for added protection. If you have wine glasses, be sure to wrap the stems first.

3. Setting the Glasses in the Box 

storage unitEach glass should be wrapped thickly enough so that you can’t feel the edges of the glass. Once you have wrapped your glasses, begin placing them inside the box. As you pack the box, heavier and thicker glasses should be placed on the bottom with the more fragile ones on the top layers. This will ensure nothing gets crushed en route to the storage unit or new home.

4. Finishing the Box

If you’re packing everything into a storage unit or a basement, you’ll want to be sure the boxes can be safely stacked. To ensure your glassware will remain protected, leave a gap at the top of the box. This space should be filled with crumpled paper or towels. Anything that can provide a good buffer can be used to fill the top gap in the box.

5. Check Your Packing Job

Lastly, jiggle the box and listen for jostling. If you can’t hear glass clinking together, your packing job should be sufficient. At this point, you’re ready to tape your box up firmly. Don’t forget to label the box, so it can be easily identified in your storage unit or closet, so you can find it quickly whenever you may need it.


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